Actual photographs taken by Alexander himself!

At the tender age of two and a half, Alex received his very first camera, an inexpensive 35mm model. After a couple of weeks of practicing, it was time to put actual film in the camera. Here, in an Internet exclusive, we proudly present some of the first photographs taken by Alex. They are Alex's first contribution to his home page from behind the lens.
Alex's first photograph
Alex's first photographic effort was this picture of his father. With a little more practice, his aim would improve.
Alex's great grandmother
Alex took this photo of his great grandmother on Mother's Day, 1999.
Alex's grandmother
Here's an Alex-eye view of his grandmother, also from Mother's Day.
Palacio Real
Alex's parents pose in a guard house on the grounds of the Palacio Real in Madrid.
Plaza Mayor
Another photo from Alex's vacation in Spain. This is his mother in Madrid's Plaza Mayor.
Plaza de Espana
Alex snapped this picture of his father in Madrid's Plaza de Espaņa.