October 18
The Alexander Home Page presents
Alexander's First Birthday
Part One

Flashback: The Birth of Alexander

On October 18, 1996, in a remote log cabin in the wilderness, a child named Alexander came into this world. He was born of rugged pioneer stock. His parents had only recently tamed this wild land. They tore tree stumps out of the ground with their bare hands! They fought off hostile savages and mighty grizzlies! This is the world into which young Alexander was born! As he was thrust into the daylight, his newborn cries echoed off the mountains and rumbled through the canyons! With his mighty cry, Alexander announced his arrival to an unsuspecting world!

Well, maybe that's not exactly how it happened.

On October 18, 1996, Alexander was born in a suburban hospital. His mother was present, as was his father. He weighed nine pounds and seven ounces. Moments after his birth, he was brought to the hospital nursery, where he was photographed for the very first time by the attending nurse. For identification purposes, his father was included in the photo. Here, in an Alexander Home Page exclusive, is the historic first photograph of Alexander:

Alexander the newborn
October 18

One Year Later...

Alex comes down the stairs It was an older and wiser Alexander who greeted the dawn on October 18, 1997. After twelve months of learning (and eating) and growing (and eating) and eating (and eating), Alex was finally one year old. No longer a baby, this brave new toddler awoke at 7 a.m. and came down the stairs to begin his special day.

As a special treat, Alex was served his three favorite foods for breakfast: scrambled eggs, bologna, and American cheese. Alex continues to be an incredible eater. There is virtually no food that he does not like. Sometimes, when he tastes something new, he makes a disgusted face, but continues eating nonetheless. Alex eats scrambled eggs

Alexander and the refrigerator magnets Despite the fact that it was his birthday, Alex still had work to do. Here we see him rearranging the magnets on the refrigerator. This was a new skill that Alexander learned from his father that very morning right after breakfast. Alex's father had learned about refrigerator magnets by taking one of those classes that Sally Struthers likes to talk about on TV!

Alexander's First Birthday Continues...

October 18