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Breakfast with Mickey Mouse

Alex meets Mickey Mouse
Imagine, if you will, a restaurant where giant rodents handle the food before it is served to the guests. Even though the giant rodents in question wear white gloves, we'd like to think that such a scenario would likely prompt a visit from the Department of Health.

Of course, in Walt Disney World, giant rodents are held in rather high esteem, which is why nobody even raised an eyebrow at the idea of a breakfast buffet at Chef Mickey's, where the great and powerful Mickey Mouse serves as head chef.

Alex and his parents, along with his cousins, aunts, and uncles, journeyed en masse to Disney World's famous Contemporary Hotel for Disney's popular "Breakfast With Mickey Mouse" wherein visitors get a chance to feast on pancakes, eggs, pastries, and other breakfast standards, while hobnobbing with Disney's core cast of animated characters.

There's no denying it. Kids love giant costumed characters! Alex and his cousins had a resounding good time at the breakfast. They not only met Mickey, but his long-suffering girlfriend Minnie Mouse, and Goofy, Pluto, and that mischievous pair of chipmunks, Chip and Dale. Donald Duck, however, was conspicuously absent. Perhaps the powers that be at Disney fear the prospect of Donald losing his notorious temper in front of a room filled with innocent children.

Alex with Minnie Mouse Ashley with Minnie Mouse Westley with Minnie Mouse Everybody with Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse turned out to be as gracious as her reputation would suggest. She was happy to pose for photos with Alex's entire party. At left, Alex and Joshua were delighted to meet the mouse who won Mickey's heart. Ashley, however, was less impressed, and she dozed through the entire encounter. Westley, second from right, seemed fascinated by Minnie's enormous nose. At right, Alex and the whole group of cousins gather around their celebrity hostess.

Run for your lives! It's a giant chipmunk Fun with napkins
Meanwhile, Dale (of Chip and Dale fame) entertained Alex by dipping his finger into Alex's father's orange juice (above left). While Alex was clearly amused, his father was left with a glass of juice that tasted distinctly of chipmunk. At right, Alex and Joshua participated in the napkin-waving portion of the morning's festivities. Alex waved his napkin with pure joy, while Joshua's face shows grim determination.