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Alexander meets with his associates

Alexander meets with his associates At the beginning of each day, Alex confers with his two highest-level assistants. Together they recap the events of the previous day, and set goals for the day ahead. To be candid, Alex can be difficult to work for. He will sometimes grab one of his associates and throw him violently to the floor.

Alexander gets a workout

Alexander and the dinkadink Alex endorses the Fisher Price Activity Gym. By slapping at the colorful plastic hanging things, he can start a musical light show! While the swing is relaxing, the activity gym (also known as the "dinkadink," for the noise it makes) is invigorating. Here, Alexander is observed by his coach, Rustford, seen in the foreground.

Alex with his coat on

Alexander with his silly coat Alex has several jackets and coats that he wears when venturing out into the cold weather. Here we see Alex sitting on his couch shortly after putting on his coat. Alex's father finds this coat to be a little strange. He wonders why the designer decided to include the two giant teeth that protrude from the hood.

Alexander changes his own diaper!

Alexander changes his own diaper Alexander is a talented young man. In this photo, he is reaching for his diaper wipes prior to changing his own diaper!

Alexander enjoys a nice dinner

Alexander enjoys his dinner Alex frequently dines in his high chair. He is up to "stage two" baby food. He is willing to eat all kinds of food, including meat, fruits, and vegetables, even (gasp!) peas.

Alexander falls asleep on the couch

Alexander naps on the couch Sometimes the storyline on The X-Files gets a little confusing, and Alex dozes off in front of the television.