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Alexander in Florida
1997 Visit

Alex's big January 2000 trip to Disney World and the Everglades wasn't his first visit to Florida! This page shows highlights of Alex's earlier trip, just as we presented it way back in 1997!

In March of 1997, Alexander took his first airplane trip, to the East Coast of Florida. Florida was a desolate swampland before the invention of air conditioning. Today, thanks to modern technology, Florida is a densely populated swampland. Whether or not this constitutes an improvement is debatable. Virtually everybody visits Florida at least once in their lifetimes. Some come for the weather. Some feel an irresistible urge to visit Walt Disney World. And some have elderly relatives who live there. Alex found himself in Florida for the latter reason -- he has a great-grandmother in the Sunshine State.

Alexander meets his great-uncle

While in Florida, Alexander met some of his relatives for the very first time. Below, we see him with his great-uncle.
Alexander with his great uncle Alexander with his great uncle
Alex was confused by his great-uncle, who looks and sounds a bit like Alex's grandfather. Alex would look at him and think, "That's my Grandpa!" And then he'd take another look and think, "No, that's not my Grandpa." And then he'd smile and think, "Yes, that is my Grandpa." By the end of the visit, this perplexing issue remained unresolved.

Alexander meets his great-grandmother

Alexander is lucky enough to have three living great-grandmothers. Here he meets his daddy's daddy's mommy, for the very first time.
With his great grandmother
With his great grandmother

Alexander with his daddy at the park

Alexander and his father at the park in Florida This stroller is a collapsible "umbrella" stroller. It provides a luxurious, squeaky, bumpy, ride.

On the Intercoastal

One of the many highlights of the visit was a boat ride on the Intercoastal, which is some watery thing that people in Florida like to talk about. On the ride, which was hosted by Alex's daddy's childhood friend and Alex's daddy's childhood friend's wife, the entire party enjoyed sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, cookies, and soda. And they gazed at some of the magnificent homes that line this famed waterway.
At left, Alexander peers over his mommy's shoulder.
Alexander and his father on the boat Alexander's daddy managed to tear himself away from the shrimp cocktail long enough to pose for this picture with his son. Alex is expressing his displeasure at not being old enough to enjoy shrimp cocktail.
Alexander on the boat Alexander and the notorious Barnacle Steve!
Alexander was fascinated by the boat's control panel. Above left, Alex peers intently at the satellite positioning system. At right, he continues his inspection while seated in his mother's lap. Standing in the background is the ship's captain, a crusty old salt known only as "Barnacle Steve."

Alexander visits with some friends

Alexander, his parents, and the Florida people While in Florida, Alex and his family enjoyed the hospitality of some nice Florida people. Alex's mommy and daddy are crouching behind the couch. The nice Florida people (and their nice Florida dog) are seated on the couch.

Alexander at the airport

Alexander at the airport in Florida Alex, pictured here with his travelling companion, Starrino, waits in the airport for his return flight home.