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This site was last updated on March 31, 2000.
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Disney World and the Everglades
Alexander in New York City
Alexander's Third Birthday
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Yes, we know! It's been a painfully long time since we've updated The Alexander Home Page. But don't despair! Eventually we'll update this page one final time, allowing you to share Alex's experiences on three additional vacations. And we also plan to offer you a peek into our mailbag. So hang in there, dear reader. We haven't forgotten you!

In the meantime, we'd like to announce a brand new exciting web page that's being spun off from The Alexander Home Page. It features Alex's sister Lindsey. We expect Lindsey's home page to grow from its modest beginnings to one day rival the grand scope of The Alexander Home Page. So visit The Lindsey Home Page today, and get in on the ground floor! You'll be glad you did.

Alexander's New Home
Alex's new house Alex inside his new house
In April 2000, Alex will be moving to a new home. No, he's not leaving His Internet address will remain the same. The home we're referring to will be of the brick and mortar variety. Above left, the house as it looked on January 21, 2000. At right, Alex and his mother examine the view from Alex's new bedroom.

An optical illusion? What is this strange creature that appears to be half boy and half grandfather? Does such a beast really exist? For the story behind this odd photo, just continue scrolling down this page.
Photo Highlights
with Drew Barrymore with Bill Clinton atop the grassy knoll
In his travels, Alex has visited Radio City Music Hall with Drew Barrymore, left, met with President Clinton in the White House, center, and explored the site of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, right.

Alexander was born on October 18, 1996, somewhere east of the Mississippi River. He has achieved a small measure of fame within his family, and at the workplaces of his parents. He lives with his parents, his dog, and his cat.

Among other things, Alexander enjoys:

  • Masking tape.
  • Vending machines.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Old Maid, Candy Land, and "Not to Spill the Beans."
  • Going to the lake, and pretending to fish.
  • Telling people that red is his favorite color.
  • Getting packages in the mail.
  • Orchestrating the bizarre lives of Jim and Helen.
  • The Iron Giant
  • Wild Berry Pop-Tarts, frozen waffles, and "pretend pancakes" (Thomas' "Toast R Cakes")
  • Going to the mall. He likes Walden Books, the Disney Store, the Warner Brothers Store, the pet store, and Learning Express.
  • Spotting pictures of the Eiffel Tower.
  • The Simpsons.
  • The Joker, Batman, and Superman. And Commissioner Gordon.
  • Playing with his train table.
  • Hash browns, Chicken McNuggets, and french fries from McDonald's.
  • Chicken and noodles from Boston Market. (Let's hope they don't go out of business!)
  • Disney movies on videotape.
  • Going to the beach with his grandparents.
  • Chicken bones.

On the other hand, there are a few things that Alex does not like:

  • Haircuts.
  • Time outs.
  • Taking a bath, especially when his hair gets wet.
  • Those slimy wet earthworms that like to die on asphalt whenever it rains.

An optical illusion? No, the photo above wasn't of some mythical two-headed fiend. It's simply Alex and his grandfather clowning around in an oversized sweatshirt. We fooled you, didn't we?
The Travel Section
May 1999
The Alexander Home Page goes international as Alex takes his first European vacation. See Madrid, Segovia, the Costa del Sol and much more as Alex tours SPAIN!
New England
September 1998
Alex takes a grand tour of New England! Maine! Massachusetts! New Hampshire! Don't miss it!
New Orleans
June 1998
Hungry for some Cajun cookin'? Visit The Big Easy with Alexander. It's the next best thing to actually being there.
Bronx Zoo
May 1998
See the animal kingdom through the eyes of Alexander as he spends a day at New York's famous zoo.
December 1997
We take a close hard look at the assassination of John F. Kennedy as Alex spends part of an afternoon on the Grassy Knoll.
Washington, D.C.
November 1997
Experience the majesty of our capital city as Alexander ventures "inside the Beltway" and visits some of the most well-known sites in America.
Natural Bridge
October 1997
See Virginia's amazing Natural Bridge, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World!
June 1997
Alex visits Virginia Beach and Colonial Williamsburg.
March 1997
Alexander sails the waterways of South Florida with the notorious Barnacle Steve!

Christmas 1997
Alexander spent Christmas with his grandmother and many other family members. Featuring glimpses of Alex's cousins!
Santa Claus
See Alexander as he meets with Santa Claus! Featuring highlights of his 1998 visit with Kris Kringle, as well as a look back to his 1997 and 1996 visits.
First Birthday
A first birthday is a once in a lifetime event. Help celebrate Alex's big day!
Second Birthday
The long-awaited sequel to Alexander's First Birthday!

The Spotlight
Photo Album
See photographs snapped by Alex himself! It's The Alexander Home Page from the other side of the lens!
Poetry Corner
The Alexander Home Page proudly features an original poem by Alexander's mother.
Alex at the mall! At Wal-Mart! Shopping for bananas with his mother! It's every bit as exciting as it sounds!
Sesame Street
We take a look at a videotape that has brought Alex a lot of comfort and pleasure.
Disney Movies
After Sesame Street came Disney. Here we examine fourteen of Alex's favorite Disney animated features.
Then and Now
A fun-filled look at the past and the present! Only on The Alexander Home Page!
Summer 1997
How Alexander spent his summer in 1997. See Alex caught in an unguarded moment with a Hollywood movie star!
Man-Child in America
See the award-winning photographic exhibit, Alexander, A Man-Child in America, featuring an original work of art by the late Andy Warhol!
A Virtual Day
Don't miss your chance to spend a virtual day with Alexander! One of our early classics from Alex's infancy!

The express purpose of The Alexander Home Page is to display pictures of and information about Alexander, an American man-child. Any resemblance to any other little boy is purely coincidental. The Alexander Home Page is void where prohibited or taxed. Not responsible for any debts incurred by any other children named Alexander.