The Alexander Home Page presents
Four Days in New Orleans
Part One
On June 27, 1998, Alexander stepped off an airplane, was strapped into a cab, and whisked to New Orleans' famous French Quarter. The French Quarter is one of the nation's oldest, most historic, most charming, and, according to a series in the New Orleans Times Picayune, most termite-infested neighborhoods.

New Orleans is a city renowned as the home of jazz and jambalaya, Emeril LaGasse and Paul Prudhomme, steamboats and gumbo, and one of the world's biggest parties, the annual Mardi Gras festival.

Alex and his parents enjoyed four days strolling about this delightful Southern town, where the pralines are plentiful, the nearest voodoo doll is only footsteps away, and Confederate flags are few and far between.

As always, Alexander's travel adventures are faithfully captured for the devoted readers of The Alexander Home Page. So sit back, grab yourself a po' boy, and savor the flavor of New Orleans, Louisiana.


At some point in the 1980's, somebody in New Orleans apparently decided that tourists may want to shun the quaint little shops in the French Quarter in favor of a suburban-style shopping mall. From this burst of inspiration arose Riverwalk, a lengthy mall that stretches along the banks of the Mississippi River.

Alex and his father at Riverwalk Alex finds Bobby Duck in New Orleans

At left, Alexander poses with his father in front of Riverwalk's Mardi Gras store, which sells colorful masks and clothing.

At right, Alex discovers a familiar face in front of the Warner Bros. store. While this excitable waterfowl is known to the masses as "Daffy Duck," Alex, for some unknown reason, insists on referring to him as "Bobby Duck." Alex was delighted to find Bobby Duck in New Orleans, and spent a long time hovering around this giant statue.

Dining in New Orleans

Alexander puts on his shoes for an evening out Alexander gets his first taste of Creole cooking
Back at the Bourbon Orleans hotel, Alex struggled to put on his shoes for a night on the town. He experienced his first taste of New Orleans cooking at Pere Antoine's on Royal Street in the French Quarter. Here we see him slurping his spaghetti with Creole sauce.

Alex applies sunscreen in New Orleans Fun Fact: It gets HOT in New Orleans in the summertime! Alex wisely asked his mother to apply some sunblock to his fair skin. The Alexander Home Page is pleased to report that Alex and his parents made it out of New Orleans without a trace of sunburn!