The Alexander Home Page presents
The Poetry Corner

The Alexander Home Page takes a turn for the literary as it presents an original poem, Three A. M., by Alexander's mother.

Alexander's Mother

About the poet

Alexander's mother lives in the United States with her husband, her son Alexander, and her dog and her cat. This is her first Internet poem, and her first contribution to The Alexander Home Page.

Three A. M.

A start, a cry
Drags me from my bed
For a late night visit with my infant son.

The little body thrashes,
His startled cry pierces the air
As I desperately search for the cause
Of his sudden unease.
Pacifier clenched firmly in teeth
And blankets tucked firmly about
Give no clue.
Only a cry of "ma-ma-ma".

Scooped out of bed and carried to his rocker
Our strange dance begins.
Ear pressed to ear
And chest pressed to chest
We rock to the rhythm only we can hear,
The sound of each other's breath,
In and out. Again. Again.

Back and forth we rock,
Tiny clenched hands become limp fists
Dangling about my neck.
The tiny body held to mine
No longer rigid, now supple.

He is carried back to his crib
And lowered down, down, down
Into peaceful sleep. Quiet, again.