The Alexander Home Page presents
Alexander's Favorite Sesame Street Video
An Endorsement

Sesame Street - A 25th Anniversary Celebration The Alexander Home Page, in its first-ever product endorsement, would like to take this opportunity to tell its readers about a videotape produced by the Children's Television Workshop, Sesame Street's 25th Birthday - A Musical Celebration, pictured to the left.

Raising an infant or toddler, and of course, being an infant or toddler, can be trying at times. Teething, ear infections, and other discomforts can make life very difficult for both a child and his or her parents. Fortunately, Alex's parents discovered this wonderful tape at a local Wal-Mart. Alex, like most children, takes comfort in things that are familiar and predictable. With repeated viewings, the tape became a sure-fire way to ease stressful situations. Even amidst the worst agonies of teething pain, the tape's opening jingles would always produce a delighted chuckle. In short order, Alex learned to recognize some of the characters, with his favorites being Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and, especially, Ernie. (Alex identifies Ernie by mimicking his raspy laugh.)

Sesame Street's 25th Birthday - A Musical Celebration is a fun-filled hour featuring many classic musical numbers from Sesame Street's long and storied past. The Cookie Monster sings "C is for Cookie." Ernie, of course, sings "Rubber Ducky" and other duck-related songs. Kermit the Frog sings "It Isn't Easy Being Green" and Oscar the Grouch sings "I Love Trash." And children and adults alike get up and dance when Grover sings "The Monster in the Mirror." On the downside, after a few hundred viewings, Big Bird's constant whining can become somewhat irritating to adult viewers. However, the pain and suffering that has been eased by the playing of this video is immeasurable.

Other videos, of course, could have the same comforting effect. But, in Alexander's case, this particular video has been a tremendous success. The Alexander Home Page suggests that parents establish a "comfort tape" to help diffuse the stressful situations that inevitably occur with a small child in the home. And when it comes to choosing such a tape, Sesame Street's 25th Birthday - A Musical Celebration receives our highest endorsement. Don't raise a child without it!

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