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Alexander in Historic Virginia
Alexander recently visited the historic state of Virginia. English settlers established the first colony at Jamestown in 1607. Virginia is the birthplace of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and Shirley MacLaine. Virginia! The very name evokes thoughts of, well, Virginia!
Norfolk, Virginia Alexander and his mother at the waterfront in Norfolk, Virginia
Alexander's mother's family assembled from far and wide in Virginia Beach in June of 1997. His experience is captured in the following photographs. Join Alex as he follows the footsteps of history in Colonial Williamsburg! Stroll the sidewalks and boardwalks of Virginia Beach! Climb the historic lighthouse at Fort Story! Experience the wonders of the sea at the Virginia Marine Science Museum! Sit back, and enjoy!
Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge Alexander, pictured here with his mother, visited the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Chincoteague, Virginia. It was the first time that Alex ever visited a swamp. One year later, in 1998, he would visit another swamp, at Maine's Acadia National Park.

Alexander and his family

Puppet Show Alexander has two first cousins, that he met for the first time in Virginia Beach. His cousin Joseph was born three months after Alex was. Alexander and Joseph put on their overalls and attended a puppet show presented by Joey's father, who, coincidentally, is also Alexander's uncle.
Puppet Show The puppet show came to an abrupt halt when Alex decided to eat one of the puppets. The audience's money was cheerfully refunded.

The three boys In this historic photograph, Alex posed with his cousins Joshua, left, and Joey, right.

The Atlantic Ocean The family, fifteen people in all, gathered in a rented, eight-bedroom house in the Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach. The house was on stilts, and the backyard consisted entirely of the Atlantic Ocean, which pounded relentlessly on the stilts, and shook the house for the entire seven days. Alexander is pictured here on the back deck of the house. If you look closely at the horizon in this photograph, you will be able to glimpse the coast of Portugal.

The Virginia Marine Science Museum

The week in Virginia Beach provided very little "beach" weather. Monday promised to be rainy. Therefore, in search of an indoor activity, the group headed for the Virginia Marine Science Museum, on General Booth Boulevard, right near the giant gorilla. The museum, however, turned out to be two separate buildings, linked by a long nature trail through the Owl Creek Marsh. So much for indoor activity. Luckily, though, the skies were clear during the two treks between the buildings.
The Virginia Marine Science Museum While on the nature trail, Alexander encountered a giant eagle's nest. Alex and Joshua contemplate entering the nest, as their worried family anxiously watches. (Alex's cousin Lisa, visible in the foreground, did enter the nest, and lived to tell the tale.)
starfish Alexander, with a helping hand from his father, learned firsthand what it is like to be a starfish. What is it like to be a starfish? Only Alex knows for sure.

Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg was, at one time, the colonial capital of Virginia. Now it's a really old place with really old buildings. Alex and his parents spent an afternoon strolling the historic streets and eating some historic food.
Burger King On a bench in
Williamsburg with Daddy
The visit to Williamsburg started, as all visits to Williamsburg do, with a stop at the Burger King right behind the Visitor's Center. Alex munched on some french fries (above left) and soaked up some history. This particular Burger King was the one that Thomas Jefferson worked in when he was a law student. One night, working after hours, young Thomas invented the vanilla shake.

Above right, we see Alex and his father taking a brief rest.

Eating gingerbread Alexander's mother purchased some colonial gingerbread from a sidewalk vendor. Alex sat down against a brick wall and enjoyed this colonial treat. Alex's father had to keep an eye on him to prevent him from eating any of the colonial twigs scattered on the colonial sidewalk.
Williamsburg stocks In colonial times, when babies misbehaved, they would have to peer through the holes in the wooden stocks. This is an 18th Century version of a "time out." Here, Alexander gets a feel for what his ancestors might have endured.

An Evacuation Party

Erosion at the house Erosion takes its toll.
Fun at Pizza Hut Fun at Pizza Hut
As the week wore on, the storms at sea continued to pound the house. At left, we can see how much erosion occured during the first few days. Upon arrival, there was no space at all between the house and the sand. By Wednesday evening, several tons of sand had been washed away, and the house was, as Elvis would say, "shakin' like a leaf on a tree." With high tide well over an hour away, the group decided to stage an evacuation party, and everyone went to Pizza Hut.

Virginia Beach

On Thursday, Alexander and his parents, and cousin Joey and his parents, visited downtown Virginia Beach, and checked out the boardwalk, and the tacky T-shirt shops.
The pier at Virginia Beach Virginia Beach hotels

The Cape Henry Lighthouses at Fort Story

Old Cape Henry lighthouse Fort Story, on Cape Henry in Virginia Beach, boasts two lighthouses. The original one, at left, was built in 1791 and used until 1881. The new one, at right, is currently in use. For two dollars, visitors can climb the spiral staircase ninety feet to the top of the old lighthouse, and see a view of the Chesapeake Bay. New Cape Henry lighthouse
Inside the Cape Henry lighthouse Alex pauses to catch his breath after carrying his father up the ninety-foot spiral staircase.