The Alexander Home Page presents
Alexander Goes To Washington
Part One

Alexander at the Capitol Building In November of 1997, Alexander made his first visit to the nation's capital, the city on the Potomac, Washington, D.C. Alexander was able to look beyond Washington's reputation of scandal, greed, corruption, and partisan bickering. He saw the stone and marble monuments that glorify the idea of Washington, and of America. However imperfect, America is a land where freedom rings -- the freedom to speak, to worship, and to assemble. These thoughts and many more rushed through Alex's head as he and his father stood atop Capitol Hill (left). We can see Alexander proudly saluting the purple mountains, the amber waves of grain, and his favorite kind of cheese -- American cheese!

The Washington Monument

Along with the rotunda of the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument is the most prominent feature of Washington's skyline. Alexander and his parents rode the elevator to the top of the monument, and enjoyed a bird's eye view of the city. A little-known fact: Although George Washington was tall, and was said to have had a pointy head, the Washington Monument is not actually a statue of our first President. It is actually an obelisk, which is another word for tall pointy thing. Now you know.
Alexander stomps around in front of the Washington Monument The Washington Monument
Alexander and his mother at the Washington Monument Alexander inside the Washington Monument