The Alexander Home Page presents
Alexander Goes To Washington
Part Two

The White House

While in Washington, Alexander visited the White House, which gets its name
Protestors in Lafayette Square, across from the White House In Lafayette Square
from its white color. Many famous people have lived in the White House, including James K. Polk, Warren G. Harding, and Millard Fillmore. In fact, more famous people have lived in the White House than at Graceland!

Across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House is a small park called Lafayette Square. Several years ago, President George Bush bought a bag of crack in Lafayette Square, and displayed it on national television.

In the photo above, Alex's mother reads some of the protest signs in the park. This particular display, an anti-nuclear protest, has been continually staffed, around the clock,
At the White House Visitor Center Alex at the White House Visitor Center
since 1981. Not pictured, but nearby, was a series of signs describing the Satanic origins, and practices, of former President Ronald Reagan, and current President Bill Clinton. (Both men allegedly eat the flesh of one American baby each and every day.)

At the White House Visitor Center, Alexander enjoyed a photographic display of former First Ladies. Alex seemed particularly interested in Lucretia Garfield, who was suffering from malaria when she received news that her husband, President James Garfield, was shot by an assassin. After pondering this unsettling confluence of events, Alex had his diaper changed behind a giant photograph of Theodore Roosevelt and his family.

Alexander and his parents in front of South Lawn of the White House At left, Alexander and his parents pose in front of the most famous address in America, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
When President Clinton discovered that Alexander was in town, he put that pesky Iraq situation on the back burner and insisted that Alex visit with him in the White House. "The Alexander Home Page has brought joy to people across America, and around the world," the President said. "And for that, Hillary and I, and Chelsea too, would like to thank you. God bless America, and God Bless The Alexander Home Page!" Alexander meets President Bill Clinton in the White House

The Lincoln Memorial

Statue of Abraham Lincoln

While in Washington, Alexander made a point to go visit Mr. Lincoln. The Lincoln Memorial, across the Mall from the Washington Monument, immortalizes our sixteenth president, the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King, Jr. made his unforgettable "I Have A Dream" speech on the steps of the memorial. And it was on those very same steps that Alexander and his parents enjoyed a lemon poppy muffin.

Alexander and his father at the Lincoln Memorial Alexander at the Lincoln Memorial
At left, Alexander and his father pay their respects to Abraham Lincoln. Above, Alex openly flouts the "no beverage" rule as he enjoys a bottle of milk.