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Alexander in Florida
Walt Disney World

Everybody Here we see the entire family, in ghastly black and white.
Alex's visit to Walt Disney World was also a family reunion. His mother's side of the family is widely scattered over four different states, and it generally takes a good deal of advance planning for the whole clan to get together.
Alex greets Joshua at the hotel. Alex greets his cousin Joshua at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Hotel.
Alex and Joey. Alex and his cousin Joey take a brief rest during a busy day at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

And so it came to pass that on January 2, 2000, the day after the much-dreaded Y2K crisis failed to amount to anything at all, sixteen family members gathered at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort for four days of fun at the world's most popular tourist destination.

Alex's grandmother generously footed the bill for the admission fees and room accommodations for the entire group. But keeping sixteen people together en masse at Walt Disney World is a logistic impossibility. There are too many different things to do, and too many different individual preferences. So most of the family togetherness occurred at the hotel, in the rooms and in the courtyard, where Alex enjoyed running around with his cousins on the "crazy Florida grass," and buying snacks from the vending machine in the hallway.

But anyone who's been to Disney World knows that there is a lot more to see and do than buy Doritos from a vending machine. And here, in these pages, we've attempted to share with you Alex's experiences in the four major theme parks, including the disaster that the Magic Kingdom turned out to be. We'll also take you to the lesser known Downtown Disney, and tell you about Alex's Breakfast with Mickey Mouse.

So if you've never been to Disney World before, or if you have been, but want to relive the experience through a different perspective, sit back, relax, and start clicking.
Alex, Joshua, and Joey. Alex, Joshua, and Joey hug a tree after running around on the "crazy Florida grass."
The Alexander Home Page, which has previously brought you to exotic locations like Natural Bridge, Virginia and Holyoke, Massachusetts, now proudly presents its own unique take on the wonderful world of Disney.
Timon Meeting Timon, of The Lion King, at EPCOT provided a thrill for Alex.